Math 308

Important Information

  • Text: Linear Algebra with Applications, Second Edition, by Jeffrey Holt.
  • Exams and Quizzes: Old exams from Math 308 are given in the table below. Please be aware that there are slight variations among them in content and style. Please talk to your instructor about what is expected in your upcoming exams.
    Standard Policy for Exams
    • One handwritten 8.5 by 11 sheet of notes is allowed. 2-sided is OK.
    • The only calculator allowed is the Texas Instruments TI-30X IIS.
    • There are no make-up exams. If a student has a compelling and well-documented reason for missing a test, they must contact the instructor.
  • WebAssign: The first (easy) part of homework are problems done in Webassign . These problems are rather elementary and are meant to provide practice with mechanics and to serve as a first comprehension check of the material. A second set of homework problems will be taken from the Conceptual Problems described below.
  • Conceptual Problems: More challenging homework problems are given in the Conceptual Problems in the table below. Your instructor will assign a selection from these problems each week, and include similar material in the exams.
  • Applications: These Applications are provided to give you a sense of the wide variety of uses for linear algebra. Your instructor might talk about a few of them in lecture. You are encouraged to skim through them, although this material is generally not expected on exams
  • Videos: The geometry of linear algebra is an integral part of this course. These excellent YouTube videos are a way to get more geometric insight into linear algebra. Please check them out as your instructor covers the related topic in class.

    Sample Schedule -- not all classes will follow this exact schedule

    Week Topics Resources
    • Sec. 1.1: Lines and Linear Equations
    • Sec. 1.2: Linear Systems and Matrices
    • Conceptual Problems for
      Chapter 1: PDF
    • Sec. 2.1: Vectors
    • Sec. 2.2: Span
    • Sec. 2.3: Linear Independence
    • Conceptual Problems for
      Chapter 2: PDF
    • Sec. 2.3: Linear Independence
    • Sec 3.1: Linear Transformations
    • Sec 3.1: Linear Transformations
    • MIDTERM 1
    • Sec. 3.2: Matrix Algebra
    • Sec. 3.3: Inverses
    • Conceptual Problems for
      Chapter 3: PDF
    • Sec. 4.1: Intro to Subspaces
    • Sec. 4.2: Basis and Dimension
    • Sec. 4.3: Row and Column Spaces
    • Sec 4.4: Change of basis
    • Sec. 5.1: The Determinant Function
    • Conceptual Problems for
      Chapter 4: PDF
    • Sec. 5.1: The Determinant Function
    • MIDTERM 2
    • Sec. 5.2: Properties of the Determinant
    • Sec. 6.1 Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors
    • Sec. 6.2: Diagonalization
    • Sec. 6.2: Diagonalization
    • (Optional) Sec. 6.3: Complex eigenvalues and eigenvectors
    • Review
    • Conceptual Problems for
      Chapter 6: PDF