Student Login and Quiz in Gradescope

The screenshots below outline the process of logging in, creating a password, and taking a quiz in Gradescope
  1. You should have received the email below. Click the "Set Password Link"
  2. Choose your 12+ character password
  3. Click on Your Course
  4. Click on the Exam/Quiz/Assignment you wish to complete.
  5. After writing solutions on paper, see instructions for Upload Answers with Iphone I believe these instructions are also correct with any browser on any phone..

  6. If instead, you have written your answers on a tablet and saved to a pdf, click the "Select file(s)" button.
  7. Select the pdf file with your solution to that question,
  8. Click "Submit Answer" (not "Submit Assignment")
  9. Click "View Your Submission", or the small triangle next to the filename, to see your file.
  10. If your submission is legible, you are done. Move on to the next question if there is one.
  11. If not click "Resubmit" to upload another file.