Submitting a Quiz/Exam in Gradescope using your phone

The screenshots below outline the process of submitting a quiz or exam in Gradescope, using a browser on an Iphone. The red circles indicate the button to click or the places to enter something. You can simultaneously log in to Gradescope on your computer, where questions might be easier to read, but its possible to do everything on your phone. I suggest logging in hours or days before taking the exam, so you skip that step during the exam.
  1. Open a browser
  2. Navigate to and log in
  3. Enter email and password
  4. Login
  5. You only need to do steps 3 and 4 once, and you can do them hours or days before your exam or quiz

  6. Click on your course

  7. Click the quiz/exam/assingment you wish to do

  8. Read the question and write your answers on paper (one question at a time)

  9. When you are finished writing your answer, click on "Select Files" (even though you don't have a file yet)

  10. Choose "Take Photo or Video"

  11. Take a picture of the page

  12. If the picture is legible, choose "Use Photo"
  13. Click "Submit Answer" (ignore "Submit Assignment")

  14. You're done, and can move on to the next question.

  15. You can click "Select File" again and repeat this process to uploaded a second page, or correct an error. If you corrected an error, delete the previous submission. If you added a second page, leave both submissions.

  16. You can view your submissions. This will show all of your submissions for all problems.

  17. If you "Viewed Your Submission", you will need to Click "More" and then "Resubmit" to proceed, even if you don't intend to resubmit anything.

  18. and select "Resubmit"
  19. Now go on to the next question.