Math 124: Calculus I (Section B)

Fall 2018

Lectures: MWF 9:30-10:20 in FSH 102
Instructor: Jarod Alper (jarod at
Office: PDL C-544
Office hours: Mon, Wed: 3-4


Course information: This course will be a friendly introduction to the differential calculus of a function in a single variable. We will talk about functions and their derivatives, as well as related ideas like limits and continuity. In addition to the usual facts about derivatives, like the product rule and the chain rule, we will spend quite a bit of time talking about applications. This means the homework will involve a lot of story problems, particularly later on in the quarter. If you want a good grade in this class, you should expect to spend about 10 hours a week on homework.

See here for the central Math 124 Materials website: This link contains detailed information about:

Scientific calculators Required:
Schedule: The content of the lectures will be posted here. The sections of the textbook quoted below are only a rough approximation of what we actually covered in class.

Lecture Date Topics covered Remarks
Week 1
1 Wed Sept 26 Introduction to calculus: Achimedes' approach to finding
the area under a parabola
2 Fri Sept 28 Tangent lines: Descartes' and Fermat's approach to computing
the slope of the tagent line of a parabola
Week 2
3 Mon Oct 1 Limits at infinity; Zeno's paradox; limits at x=a;
horizontal and vertical asymptotes
4 Wed Oct 3 Limits; The Squeeze Theorem; Continuity; Intermediate Value Theorem
5 Fri Oct 5 More on the Intermediate Value Theorem; First glance at computing derivatives
Week 3
6 Mon Oct 8 Derivatives
7 Wed Oct 10 The derviative as a function
8 Fri Oct 12 Rules for computing the derivative
Week 4
9 Mon Oct 15 Velocity as a derivative; the product and quotient rules
10 Wed Oct 17 Derivative of trig and exponential functions
11 Fri Oct 19 Composition of functions and the chain rule
Week 5
12 Mon Oct 22 Midterm review Midterm 1 in Oct 23 TA section
13 Wed Oct 24 More on chain rule; parameteric equations and their derivatives
14 Fri Oct 26 Implicit differentiations
Week 6
15 Mon Oct 29 More on implicit differentiation; inverse functions; derivatives of
logarithm and inverse trigonmetric functions
16 Wed Oct 31 Related rates
17 Fri Nov 2 Examples of implicit differentiation
Week 7
18 Mon Nov 5 Logarithmic differentiation; an example of related rates; linear approximation revisted
19 Wed Nov 7 Error approximation; local & global minimum/maximum
20 Fri Nov 9 Finding minimum/maximum values of a function
Week 8
Mon Nov 12 No class--Veterans Day
21 Wed Nov 14 Local minimum/maximum; critical values
22 Fri Nov 16 More on local minimum/maximum
Week 9
23 Mon Nov 19 Review Midterm 2 in Nov 20 TA section
24 Wed Nov 21 Discussed midterm problems; summarized what we will cover next
Fri Nov 23 No class--Thanksgiving
Week 10
25 Mon Nov 26 L'Hopital's rule
26 Wed Nov 28 Curve sketching
27 Fri Nov 30 Optimization
Week 11
28 Mon Dec 3 Review
29 Wed Dec 5 Review
30 Fri Dec 7 Review
Sat Dec 8 Final examination, 1:30 - 4:20 pm

Midterm: There will be two midterms both taking place during the Tuesday TA section:
Final examination: