Math 124 - Calculus I - Winter 2020

Christopher Hoffman
Office: Padelford C-333
Phone: 206-543-1725

Course Material:  This course is an introduction to differential calculus. We will start with a review of algebra and precalculus. We will then move on to limits and derivatives. Finally we will cover rules for calculating derivatives as well as applications of the derivative. If you want a good grade in this class, you should expect to spend at least 12--15 hours a week on homework and reading the book.

Office Hours
:  Monday 12:00-2:00 and by appointment in Padelford C-333.

Grades:  The grades are based on four factors: homework, worksheets, two midterms and the final.  Homework: All homework is assigned on Webassign.  There is no class key. Log in at and click on the big button that says "log in @ university of washington". Homework is generally due on Tuesday and Thursday nights. No late homework is accepted.


Rules for taking exams

Text: Single Variable Calculus, Early Transcendentals by James Stewart (The Eighth Edition).

Religious Accommodation:  Washington state law requires that UW develop a policy for accommodation of student absences or significant hardship due to reasons of faith or conscience, or for organized religious activities. The UW's policy, including more information about how to request an accommodation, is available at Religious Accommodations Policy. Accommodations must be requested within the first two weeks of this course using the Religious Accommodations Request form.

Lecture Notes

January 6 Circle and Tangent notes
Week 1 and 2 notes
Week 3 notes
Week 4 notes
Week 5 notes
Week 6 notes
2/19 notes