Music 428
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Course Requirements
Music 428; Autumn 2016

For Students registered for Music428

In order to earn credit for this course, I will expect you to complete the following two items:

1. A musical task

Do one of the following:

(a) Learn to perform (by voice or any instrument of your choice) a short piece (3 to 5 minutes) of north Indian music. The piece can selected from any one of the many recordings to which you will have access, plus other pieces that I will provide.  I will provide you with various kinds of help in doing this: selecting a suitable piece, notating it in western notation for your use (if needed), and a limited amount of coaching while you are learning to sing or play the piece. Two or three students could collaborate on a piece and play it as a combo group.

(b) Listen to and transcribe into western staff notation a short piece (3 to 5 minutes) of north Indian music, in as much detail as you can handle. As in the case of (a), I can provide you with some help in this task also.

2. A term paper

Write an essay or term paper (say 3 to 5 pages) on a topic of your choice that bears on the theme of the course. For example, it could be on a historical, cultural, anthropological or musical issue related to the subject of the course. I will mention during the class the kind of topics other students have chosen in the past, so that you will be adequately guided in your choice. I would expect you to propose a topic by the end of the sixth week of class, and submit the essay by the end of the quarter (or later in special circumstances). I will go over your proposal with you and help you to finalize the proposal. At that time, I will also give you additional references, and suggestions to help you in writing the essay.