Music 428
Autumn 2016


1.   Read                    LecDem.pdf

2. Listen to the following clips and identify the name of the tala (rhythmic cycle) in each case, specifying the number of beats. Also identify the syllable at which the sam occurs.;%20Bhairavi_Hamari%20Atariyan%20pe.mp3;%20Raga%20Malkauns.mp3 Tilak Kamod.mp3

3. Listen to the following three clips and think about how they differ. Please listen to at least 10 minutes of each, and describe your conclusions.,%20Manik%20Munde%20%28P%29%3b%20Ragamala%20Seattle%201999%3b%20bhinna%20shadja_AlApa.mp3;%20Mangesh%20Mulye%20%28T%29,%20V%20Kanhere%20%28H%29,%20S%20Devle%20%28V%29;%20Archival%20Session;%20alhEyA%20bilAwala_D%20ekatAla_roke%20ThADo%20gEla%20morI.rm