Math 125 Winter 2016 Sections D and E





Ebru Bekyel


Office hours: MWF 2:00–3:00 in PDL-C 422.
I am also available MWF 9:00-10:00, by appointment.


Teaching Assistants


Office Hours

Samantha Fairchild

DA and DB

M 2:30-3:30,Tu 9:00-10:00 at the MSC

Sean Santos

DC and DD

Tu 3:00 – 5:00 at the MSC

Andreas Freund

EA and EB

Tu 1:30-3:30 at the MSC

John Samples

EC and ED

TBA at the MSC

For the times and places of the sections see the schedule.

Topics, Textbook and Homework

Please see the Math125 Materials website for information about the syllabus, textbook and homework. You will submit your assignments online through webassign. The assignments will show up eight days before they are due.


There will be two midterms, one final exam, homework assignments, quizzes and worksheets. The midterms are 25% each, the final is 30%. The worksheets are 5%, homework assignments are 10% and quizzes are 5% of your total grade. I do not grant extensions on homework assignments. There are no make ups for worksheets or quizzes. I will drop your lowest worksheet and quiz grade. You can follow your quiz, worksheet and exam grades from

Week at a glance

Lectures are on MWF following the syllabus on the materials website. You can find the lectures on catalyst.

Tuesday sections are mainly for homework questions. The homework assignments are due on Tuesdays by 11PM. So when you go to your Tuesday section, you should have most of your assignment already complete. Use this time with your TA and classmates to go over the more difficult and challenging problems. If you are already done with that week’s assignment, you can work on the next one on Monday’s lecture.

Thursday quiz sections are for worksheets and quizzes. I will announce the quiz topic in lecture on Wednesdays if you remind me.



Week of




Ti-30x IIS - the official calculator of Math 125

·       Welcome to Math 125!

·       The Math Study Center is a great place to study math and to do your homework.

·       On Thursday, you will do your first worksheet. Please PRINT and bring this set of worksheets to every Thursday section.

·       Go over your differentiation rules. Here is a worksheet for Tuesday’s section.



·       Homework #1 is due Tuesday 01/11 by 11 PM. On most problems 5 tries are allowed. On multiple choice questions with 2, 3 or 4 possible answers (for example a True-False question) you only get 1 try. On multiple choice questions with 5 or more answers, you get 2 tries.

·       Solutions to Quiz #1



No class on 01/18

·       Solutions to Quiz #2



You can watch this video to find out why we use x for the unknown.

·       Midterm1 on Thursday 01/28. The midterm covers sections up to and including Section 6.3.

·       You can bring a single sided letter sized hand written original (no photocopies) sheet of notes and a TI-30x IIS calculator.

·       You can see my previous midterms at my exam archive

·       Solutions to Midterm 1: Version 1 and Version 2



·       Solutions to Quiz 3



·       Worksheet change! Instead of the regular worksheet, bring THIS one to section on Thursday 02/11.

·       Friday, February 12th is the last day to file a petition for an alternative final exam. See the Rules for Math 125 Final.

·       Solutions to Quiz #4

·       Solutions to the worksheet



No class on 02/15

·       Solutions to Quiz #5



You can watch Tabular Integration in the movie Stand and Deliver (there is more acting than math though)

·       Midterm 2 on Thursday 02/25. The midterm covers sections up to and including Section 8.1.

·       You can bring a single sided letter sized hand written original (no photocopies) sheet of notes and a TI-30x IIS calculator.

·       Solutions to Midterm 2: Version 1 and Version 2




·       Solutions to Quiz #6



The story of Viktor from Krakozhia .

Final Exam on Saturday March 12, 1:30-4:20
Section D at GWN 201 Section E at GWN 301

·       Cover page of the final exam

·       Old finals