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Sections HA, HB
Yihao Zhang
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Office hours:
Tu, Th 10-11 AM, at MSC

Sections HC,HD
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Exam Dates

Midterm 1:
Tuesday, October 24

Midterm 2:
Tuesday, November 21

Final Exam:
Saturday, December 9
1:30-4:20 PM
ARC 147

Statistics for the final exam: min=14; 1st quartile = 44; median=58; 3rd quartile = 72; max=97.

Here is a histogram of the scores:

November 27, 2017

Statistics for the second midterm exam: min=9; 1st quartile = 33; median = 39; 3rd quartile = 47; max=60 (1 student)

Here is a histogram of the scores:

Answers to the second midterm exam are here.

October 30, 2017

Statistics for the first midterm exam: min=12; 1st quartile = 39; median = 50; 3rd quartile = 58; max=66 (8 students).

Here is a histogram of the scores:

To convert your exam score to an approximate 4.0-scale grade, use one of the following functions.

Let x be your exam score.

If your score was 50 or above, use 0.06875x - 0.5375.

If your score was less than 50, use 0.11x-2.6.

Answers to the first midterm exam are here.

October 16, 2017

CLUE is holding a review for the midterm exam Sunday, October 22, 8:00-9:30 PM, MGH 389.

September 26, 2017

Welcome to Math 124 H.

Announcements and other important information will appear here.

The textbook for the course is "Calculus, 8th Edition, Early Transcendentals" by Stewart. An electronic version is included with your purchase of a WebAssign access code, so a paper copy is not required. We do recommend that you read the textbook, and a paper copy will make that easier. An older edition of the paper textbook will serve just as well, and will cost significantly less. Some used custom versions of this textbook (volume 1 covers Math 124 and Math 125) may be available at the UW bookstore.

The homework for this course will be on WebAssign. Information about how to access WebAssign can be found on the Math 124 Materials Website.

The course discussion board is now availble (link at right). Please take advantage of it to ask questions about homework problems or course topics. You might also use it as a way to arrange study groups. I will get immediate emails when posts are added to the board, so this is as good a way to contact me as email, but allows everyone to benefit from our conversation.

You will need worksheet for some Tuesday quiz sections. You can get them from the 124 Materials Website one week at a time, or use this pdf which contains all of the worksheets.


Handouts and Examples

Other UW resources: