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Math 120 Course Syllabus

The following is an example schedule for Math 120. The course uses the textbook Precalculus, by Collingwood, Prince and Conroy. A pdf of the text can be found here. The following is approximate; actual scheduling of topics depends on the academic calendar and instructor choice.

1 Introduction
Unit Conversion
Coordinate systems
Distance Formula
2 Lines and Circles
Lines and linear modeling
Uniform linear motion and parametric equations
3 Functions and graphs
Multipart functions
4 Quadratic functions and optimization
Midterm Exam One
5 Function composition
Inverse functions
6 Exponential functions and logarithms
Shifting, dilation, and reflection
7 Rational functions
Angular measure
8 Circular motion
Midterm Exam Two
9 Trigonometric functions
Sinusoidal functions
Inverse trigonometric functions
10 Sinusoidal equations and modeling
Final exam

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