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Exam dates:

Midterm 1: Wed, Oct 16th
Midterm 2: Fri, Nov 15th

Please read the syllabus for Midterm rules. Make-up midterm exams will not be given for any reason.

Final Exam Details

307 Section K Final Exam:
Mon, Dec 9, 2:30-4:20pm, CHL 015

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Essential Resources:

Lecture Materials
Weekly Newsletters
Homework (WebAssign)
Course Calendar
Grade Scale
Application Video Links

Math 307 Dept. Website

Chapter 6 Review Material:

Chapter 6 Introduction
Section 6.1 review sheet
Section 6.2 review sheet
Section 6.3 review sheet
Section 6.4 review sheet
Section 6.5/6.6 review

Laplace Transform Fact Sheet
Laplace Transform Practice Sheet
Laplace Transform Fact Sheet with Examples

Full example of Laplace Transform Method

Overheads of a full 6.4 Example

Integration by Parts for Ch. 6
Partial Fractions for Ch. 6

Final Exam Topics List

Chapter 3 Review Material:

Ch. 3 Terminology/Overview
Section 3.1 Review
Section 3.2 Review
Section 3.3 Review
Section 3.4 Review
Overview of 3.1-3.4 Method
Ch. 3 Application Set-Up
Section 3.7 Review
Section 3.5 Review
Second Order Solving Summary
Section 3.8 Review
3.8 and Beats Overview
3.7 and 3.8 Overview

Exam 2 Review

Complex Numbers Introduction
Solving Two-by-Two Systems
Waves Review

Chapter 2 Review Material:

Chapter 1 Overview
First order applications
Slope Field Examples
Interactive Slope Field Plotter
Section 2.1 Review
Section 2.2 Review
Section 2.3 Review
Section 2.5 Review
Section 2.7 Review
First Order Solving Summary
Exam 1 Rules and Topics
Exam 1 Review Sheet

Skills Review Material:

Math 307 Integration Table
Full Overview of Integration Techniques
Integration Techniques Flowchart
Basic integration examples

Integration by Parts for Ch. 6
Partial Fractions for Ch. 6

Partial Derivatives

Complex Numbers Introduction

Solving Two-by-Two Systems

Waves Review

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