Final (M309A Tue March 19, 8:30-10:20 THO 119; M309B Wed March 20, 8:30-10:20 THO 119 )
will cover Sec 7.1--3, 7.5--9; and Sec10.1--8

Hand written notes on one side of 8.5x11 sheet are allowed. No calculator is needed, though a Ti-30x IIS Calculator is allowed.

Review Exercises:
Sec7.5 Example 4
Sec7.6 Example 2
Sec7.7 Example 4
Sec7.8 Classnotes, p.22 Eg1/2
Sec7.9 Example 1
Sec10.5 Example 1, Classnotes p.45 Eg1
Sec10.6 Example 1&2
Sec10.7 Example 1, Classnotes p.52/53
Sec10.8 Example 1, Classnotes p.56, Eg2


Extra Office Hours: Mar 15 4PM-6PM.