Yizhe Zhu

I am a 3rd-year graduate student in the Department of Mathematics. My thesis advisor is Ioana Dumitriu.  

Email: yizhezhu(at)math.washington.edu 

Office: Padelford C-8L


I am interested in probability theory and combinatorics. I am working on:

Undergraduate Honors Thesis: Some algebraic combinatorial problems on posets


2015 Autumn     Grader, Math 402: Modern Algebra

2016 Winter       TA, Math 124: Calculus With Analytic Geometry I

2016 Spring       TA, Math 125: Calculus With Analytic Geometry II

2016 Summer    Tutor at MSC

2016 Autumn     TA, Math 111: Algebra With Applications

2017 Spring       Tutor at MSC

2017 Summer    Instructor,  Math 307F: Introduction To Differential Equations
2017 Autumn     Grader, Math 461: Combinatorial Theory I

2018 Winter       Grader, Math 462: Combinatorial Theory II

                          Grader, Math 380: Introduction to Discrete Mathematics

2018 Spring       Instructor, Math 307G: Introduction To Differential Equations


UW Statistics Seminar 

UW Probability Seminar

UW Combinatorics Seminar

SJTU Combiantorics Seminar