Ginger Warfield
Senior Lecturer in Mathematics

o Vita

The boring basics

o Courses I regularly teach

Syllabi, descriptions and a few bits of random information

o Teaching/Learning Newsletter

Asynchronous non-comprehensive reports and commentaries on sundry happenings in and around the department since autumn, 1994

o Articles

A somewhat random collection of articles I have written

o WaToToM

A link to the home page of the Washington Teachers of Teachers of Mathematics


A link to Teaching for the Environment: Active Mathematics on the Olympic Peninsula. Ultimately this will link to a home page, but currently it links to a discussion page.

o Brown Bag Seminars

Notices of the past three years' worth of noontime discussions of a variety-pack of educational issues. More detailed descriptions may appear in subsequent newsletters--or then again, they may not.

o Dinner Summaries

No, not menus. Summaries of the conversations at a series of dinners at which a small bunch of faculty members and graduate students discuss aspects of graduate life and the graduate program.

oPictures at a (Math) Exhibition

Random photos from a Math Fair held in March, 2004 at Leschi Elementary School. Pictures of kids, their families, their teachers, the school principal, students from UW's course on geometry for future elementary school teachers, GK-12 fellows and a lot of mathematical involvement. For details, see Newsletter #116

o Organizations

Organizations that I have done/am doing/will be doing interesting things for, with, or under the funding of.

o Pictures

Pictures that I am willing to admit bear some resemblance to me. (Well, one, anyway)

o Owls


French mathematics education research program, founded by Guy Brousseau.

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