Tuomas Tajakka

Graduate student
Department of Mathematics
University of Washington

Email: ttajakka@uw.edu
Office: Padelford C-113

Olympic National Forest


My research focuses on algebraic geometry. In particular, I'm interested in moduli spaces of sheaves and complexes on varieties.

My advisor is Jarod Alper.



  • Math 308 B: Linear Algebra with Applications, Summer 2020


  • Math 308 I: Linear Algebra with Applications, Spring 2020
  • Math 309 C: Linear Analysis, Summer 2019
  • Math 309 A: Linear Analysis, Summer 2017


  • Lecture notes I wrote for Math 309. Topics cover systems of ordinary differential equations, Fourier series, and an introduction to partial differential equations.

Service and outreach

Here are some ways I've engaged with the broader community: