How to use Webassign

In order to access and submit your homework for grading after the first two weeks of the quarter, you will need a Webassign access code. You can purchase the code bundled with a hard copy of the textbook at the University Book Store OR you can purchase an access code and an electronic copy of the text directly from Webassign.

Here is a description of how to get registered on Webassign and begin accessing the homework.

  • Open a web browser (Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.).
  • Go to this web address: .
  • Click on the "LOG IN" button. You'll be asked to log in to your MyUW account. You should end up at a page with access to your Math 112 assignments. (If you end up at a page that asks for your Username, Institution, and Password, enter Washington as your institution and DO NOT enter a username or password. You'll be taken to the UW Login page.)
  • Under "My classes" drop down menu, select our class. You will then be able to access current assignments, grades etc.
  • The "Guide" and "Help" links in the upper right corner may help you find your way around Webassign.
  • Your first assignment is an Introduction to Webassign. Do this as soon as possible to get used to how Webassign works.