Dr. Jennifer Taggart
Office: Padelford C-334
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Offices and Contact Info
Ruqian Chen (AA, AB)
Kevin Chien (AC, AD)
Rowan Rowlands (BA, BB)
Olivia Borghi (BC, BD)

Exam dates:

Midterm 1: October 25
    in Quiz Section
Midterm 2: November 15
    in Quiz Section
Final exam: December 8,
    5:00-7:50 pm
    location TBA


This website will not be updated much during the quarter. Announcements, lecture notes, and other course materials will be available on the Canvas Learning Management System, available only to enrolled students.

Textbook Information:

You are NOT required to purchase a hard copy of the text.

Students must have access to Webassign in order to complete the homework. Webassign comes with an electronic version of the text, which I find is sufficient for most students. You may buy Webassign access from the University Book Store or through Webassign.

Webassign offers a two-week grace period during which you may access your homework without entering an access code. Your access code will work for both Math 111 and Math 112.

You MAY purchase a custom, loose-leaf edition of the text, listed as Applied Mathematics for Business, by Harshbarger/Reynolds at the University Book Store. (We'll use Chapters 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6 for Math 111 and the remaining chapters for Math 112.) The text comes bundled with an access code for Webassign, the online homework system that we use for this course. (Our text is a customized version of Mathematical Applications for the Management, Life, and Social Sciences, twelfth edition, by Harshbarger/Reynolds. Full versions of the text may be found for sale on-line but they tend to be much more expensive.)

If you get lost, here are some screenshots to show you what you should be seeing as you first log into webassign: Math 111 Webassign Log-In Screenshots. (Thanks to Andy Loveless for creating this guide.)

During the first few weeks of the quarter, the homework will cover material that is not in the text. You will need to download this Supplementary Reading to learn about this material. (You are not required to have a paper copy of this material.)


homework assignments (Webassign)

How To Use Webassign

Supplementary Reading (pdf)

course syllabus (pdf)

lecture, quiz section, and homework schedule (pdf)

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