Math 307AB
Autumn 2020

Professor: John Sylvester     Office: Padelford C-556

E-mail:     Office Phone: (206) 543-1158

Office hours: Monday, Wednesday,Friday 8:30-10:30

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Your grade is determined by how you do relative to the class as a whole. The median grade will be about 3.0. As long as exams are online, we will not compute grades on a curve. I guarantee that 65% of total points will be worth a 2.0 (maybe less, depending on how hard the exams are). Last Spring and Summer were designated as "extraordinary circumstances quarters", and I expect Autumn will also be designated similarly. I believe that everyone at UW is aware that grades during these quarters should be viewed differently than usual, so don't obsess over your grades. Just try to learn as much as you can in spite of the difficult circumstances.

Academic Honesty
Please don't complicate an already complicated time by engaging in dishonest behavior. Any cheating will be reported and will seriously impact your grade. I reserve the right to question you orally about how you did a problem if I see a suspicious looking answer on your exam.


Homework due dates are listed on WebAssign, and on the Week by Week Schedule If there is a disagreement, the date on WebAssign site takes precedence. You should plan to finish at least a day early, which gives you a day to deal with unforeseen difficulties. If you email me at 10:59PM on the day the homework is due and tell me you lost your internet access, I will not be sympathetic.

  • 85 = 100 --- You will get some WebAssign problems wrong for silly reasons. Some will be WebAssign's fault and some will be yours. I don't want you to worry incessantly about homework points, so you only need 85% of the WebAssign points to get full marks for homework.

    Warning: Exam problems will be strongly correlated to the homework. If you don't know how to do a problem, ask, even if you have used all your attempts to get credit for the problem.
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