Math 124 Sections D & E
Winter 2019

Professor: John Sylvester   Office: Padelford C-556  

Office Phone: (206) 543-1158   E-mail:

Office hours: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 1:45 -- 3:15


Statistics for Final Exam and Grades

Solutions to the practice Midterm are available HERE and from the Schedule page.

Midterm 2 WILL include Linear Approximation. I delayed the due date for homework 18 until the day after the exam, but we have covered linear approximation in lecture 13 and lecture 15.

Midterm 2 Topics
  • Chain Rule (including log diff)
  • Implicit Differention
  • Parametric Equations
  • Related Rates
  • Linear Approximation a.k.a. Tangent Line Approximation
I have just (February 19th) updated homework due dates on the schedule.

Older Announcements

I just put together some Instructions For Paying For WebAssign Online that might help. Be aware that they are only a few hours old so may not be perfect.

Daily Schedule is posted on the Schedule Page.

I will post Lecture Notes here and on the schedule page.

All homework is accessible on the WebAssign website. This URL is specific for UW students. Using other URL's may be confusing. You have two weeks after the beginning of the quarter to buy access. You can Pay for Online Access here, and your account will automatically be updated. If you buy at the bookstore, you will need to enter an access code as Described Here.

Electronic access to the textbook is included with WebAssign. A paper copy of the textbook is not required, but we do recommend that you read the text, and a paper copy may make that easier. There is no substantial difference (other than price) between the earlier and later editions. See the
Math 124 Materials Website for more information on what to purchase.

Exam Grades will be published on Catalyst. See these Instructions to arrange for an email notification whenever a grade is posted.

No Overloads or Waiting List for This Class If you are trying to register for this class, you must use the online registration system. See What if the Calculus class I wish to add is closed on the Math124 web page

  • Preparation: The hardest part of calculus is precalculus. If your background in algebra and trigonometry is good enough, the calculus part is easy. You may want to look at Old Precalculus Final Exams to see if you have the precalculus skills needed for this course.

  • More About Webassign 90 = 100 If you haven't used WebAssign before, you will get some WebAssign problems wrong for silly reasons, such as not typing a formula correctly. I will not change your grade on these problems. This will only happen a few times, and at the end of the quarter I will count 90% or more of the total number of points as full credit for the homework.

  • Some WebAssign Tips

    Daily Schedule
    Instructors Contact Information

    Math 124 Materials Website: Find worksheets, tests from previous quarters, and supplementary materials here.

    Math Study Center: A very good place to get help with just about anything to do with calculus.

    CLUE: A late-night academic center designed to support all UW undergraduates

    General Information
    Tuesday Worksheets


    Your grade is determined by how you do relative to the class as a whole. All math 124 classes will take the same final exam. The median grade is usually about 2.9. If the whole class does particularly well (or badly) the median will move up (or down).
    • Homework: 13.3333%
    • 1 Midterm: 33.3333%
    • Final: 53.3333%


    • All homework is accessible on the WebAssign website. You should use the URL in this link to acces WebAssign. YOu have two weeks to buy access. The proceedure for paying for access is changing, so wait for insructions before you pay.
    • Homework due dates are listed on WebAssign, and on the Daily Schedule.. You should plan to finish at least a day early, which gives you a day to deal with unforseen difficulties. If you email me at 10:59PM on the day the homework is due and tell me you lost your internet access, I will not be sympathetic.

    Tuesday Worksheets

    • Each Tuesday, we will spend the entire period working in groups on the worksheet, which will be turn in at the end of the class. You are responsible for bringing the worksheets to class on Tuesdays. You should download them from the Math 124 Materials Website, print them, and bring them to class. The worksheets will be collected at the end of class and count as part of your homework. There are 3 possible grades:
      • 0 -- you didn't do it
      • 1 -- you did a crummy job
      • 2 -- you showed that you did some real work
    • This is a very important time for learning. The instructors will have a chance to talk with each of you and give you individual suggestions. If you know how to do the problems, you should explain your reasoning to the others in your group.
    • You should have plenty of time to finish the worksheet. If you are done early, start working on some of the harder homework problems in the next week's assignment.


    • Only Ti-30x IIS Calculators permitted on exams.
    • Absolutely no other calculators permitted.
    • Exams will be structured so that a calculator is not absolutely necessary for most (usually all) problems.

    Notes: What's allowed

    • Midterms : 1 side of 1 (8.5 x 11) page of notes
    • Finals : 2 sides of 1 (8.5 x 11) page