LaTeX Symbols package

The LaTeX symbols package provides commands for XEmacs (and only XEmacs--it doesn't work with GNU Emacs) to open up a window with a table of LaTeX symbols. Here is an example of this. This package defines the following commands:
          COMMAND                          RESULT
    M-x latex-symbol-greek         display table of Greek letters
    M-x latex-symbol-operators     display table of binary operators
    M-x latex-symbol-relations     display table of binary operators
    M-x latex-symbol-arrows        display table of arrows
    M-x latex-symbol-miscellany    display table of miscellaneous symbols 
    M-x latex-symbol-all           display table of "all" symbols
The package also includes pictures, in xpm format, of most of the (La)TeX symbols I could find. These might be of independent interest.

Download the package here: latex-symbols.tar.gz. You can also just download the symbols: xpm.tar.gz.

The most recent version of the package is 0.04, posted on 13 August 2001.

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