Northwest Mathematics Interaction

Information for Alumni

A Mathematical Community

An NWMI alumnus is someone who has attended one of our summer programs (or who has faithfully attended many of our academic year workshops).

An important goal of NWMI is to build a community of alumni who learn and share their math teaching experiences and expertise. To keep alumni connected to NWMI, we offer a number of programs.

Email List

All alumni and others interested in NWMI are encouraged to sign up for the email list to receive announcements. To get on the list, email Joyce Frost <frostjoycee@gmail.com>

Academic-Year Workshops

The academic-year workshops are open to all, but especially to NWMI alumni. These workshops are now being held in all parts of the state, East and West, North and South, so be sure to attend when one is in your area (or travel to one farther away!)

Summer Program

There is always something new in the summer program. If you have attended the Summer Geometry Institute, there are others courses.

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