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Rich Math Tasks for High School Teachers
July 26-30, 2010


RMT Content

This is a program of the Math-Science Partnership project called Mathematics Content Collaboration Communities (or MC3 for short).

Teachers can sign up for the whole week, or sign up for either of

  • Focus on Algebra: July 26-28
  • Focus on Geometry July 29-30

The following set of questions will guide our work together:

  1. What are the content differences between knowing mathematics and the content knowledge high school teachers need to teach mathematics?
  2. What connections are there between teacher understanding of this mathematics and student learning?
  3. How might professional learning communities be structured to focus on this specific type of mathematical content knowled

Topics will mostly be chosen from algebra with a bit of geometry, probability, and discrete math.

Teachers will strengthen their pedagogical content knowledge by working on rich math tasks during the five-day summer workshop. The workshop will focus on the mathematical content knowledge needed to teach and will concentrate on effective instructional strategies, rather than simply what a teacher knows about mathematics.

Since this is a Math-Science Partnership project, teachers will receive stipends.

Since this is a research project as well as a workshop, the sessions will be videotaped.

  • PLUS a rich and relaxed optional program of After-Dinner Math.
What is MC3?

We are pleased to invite you to join with MC3, a State-wide mathematics partnership of classroom teachers and university faculty working together to create and deliver quality professional development.

The MC3 project is a partnership among classroom teachers, the University of Hawai´i, the University of Washington, Eastern Washington University, and The Evergreen State College.

Our sessions will combine reflection on the “Big Ideas” of high school mathematics with a coordinated focus on rich mathematics tasks and how good tasks can be both interesting and enhance student learning. Project materials can be immediately implemented in the classroom and are not tied to a specific curriculum.


High School Mathematics Teachers or Middle School Mathematics Teachers


Washington Teachers: This is a special program that includes stipends of $100 per full day ($500 for the week), with the expectation that teachers will attend and participate in all the sessions. See stipend details at this link.
Out-of-state Teachers: If there is room, it may be possible to attend at the same cost as for the Summer Geometry Institute. Contact NWMI at the email addres.

Lunches are included for all, Monday-Thursday. Breakfasts are included for those staying on campus and also for commuters who request this.

For Washington teachers: Lodging is included for Sunday through Thursday nights if requested.
Out-of-state Teachers: See Cost Page at this link.


Applications for credit or clock hours will be made on site when you arrive.

About 32 Clock hours will a available for Rich Math Tasks. The cost will be $2.00 per hour. You can include up to 8 additional hours for After-Hour Math. Payment for clock hours is by check only, not credit card. Be sure to bring your checkbook for clock hours

Two UW credits of Math 497 will be available for five-day participants for an additional cost of $205 (approximate, precise fee announced soon). Payment for UW credit is with credit card or check. (For UW math credit, 6 additional hours of After-Dinner Math are required.)

  • Sun 7/26: 7-9 PM -- an evening program to kick off the week and provide information!
  • Mon-Fri 7/26-7/30: From 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM - a full day of great math.
  • Mon-Thu 7:30-9:30 - Optional After-Dinner Math
  1. Fill out this Online Application Form. Sorry, course is full.

  2. Print this and mail it with your registration fee: Printable Registration Form. Sorry, course is full.
A schedule will appear later.

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