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NWMI Math Short Courses 2010

The Two Courses

Session A: (Monday, July 26 - Tuesday, July 27)

Session B (Wednesday, July 28 - Friday, July 30)

Numerical Delights

Instructor: Bob Stein, Cal State University San Bernarndino

This course is intended for high school teachers or anyone else interested in the historical development of number theory, exploring topics that are beautiful mathematics that has relevance to the high school algebra and precalculus classroom.

We will begin with Pascal’s triangle, which we will use to find and prove some beautiful combinatorial identities. We will follow Pascal himself in using the triangle to explore sums of powers and then investigate Bernoulli’s triangle, a number triangle composed of the partial sums of binomial coefficients. We will extend this to the ancient Pythagorean study of figurate numbers, using them as the basis for visual proofs.

These topics relate to high school algebra topics such as the study of patterns, multiple representations, and reasoning and sense-making.

We will discuss ways to include some of the historical background of this fundamental mathematics into your classes.

Depending on the interests of the group, we may study the binomial theorem for rational exponents and/or de Moivre’s theorem and the link between trigonometric and exponential functions.

Experiencing Research in Geometry

Instructor: Bryan Hopkins, St. :Peter's College

Come enjoy this rare opportunity to learn about accessible contemporary mathematics research with ample support and time for reflection. In this course, you'll have a chance to hear about current mathematics research and reflect on it with other teachers. Victor Klee and Branko Grünbaum taught at UW for 100 years combined, developing international programs in geometry and discrete mathematics. Their collaborators and students have organized a celebratory conference that coincides with NWMI. Topics will include polyhedra, tilings, and Venn diagrams. Come join us!

Website for the Conference

  • PLUS a rich and relaxed optional program of After-Dinner Math.
What are NWMI courses like?

Like all NWMI programs, the minicourses blend practical hands-on activity with reflection about math content. You will feel confident to use what you learn in your classroom.

NWMI courses are in alignment with the NCTM Standards and the Washington Essential Learnings.

High School and Middle School Teachers who wish to delve deeply into a math or teaching topic in a supportive collegial environment.

Washington Teachers: $30 registration for one course or $50 for both before June 30. Add $25 after June 30. Washington Teachers can receive $100 per day stipend, as explained on Registration Form (link below)..
Out-of-state Teachers: See Cost Page.

Lunches are included (and breakfasts for those staying on campus and those who want them).

For Washington teachers: Lodging is included for up to 2 nights for Session A, 3 nights for Session B. For those enrolling in both sessions, five nights are included. No more places with stipends or support. If you have your own support, you can email nwmi@math.washington.edu to see whether there is room available.
Out-of-state Teachers: See Cost Page.


Applications for credit or clock hours will be made on site when you arrive.

Six Clock hours per day for each course will be available for an additional cost of $2.00 per hour. You can include up to 8 additional hours for After-Hour Math. Payment for clock hours is by check only, not credit card. Be sure to bring your checkbook for clock hours.

UW credit is available for teachers participating in 5 days of courses, if some After-Dinner Math evening is included. Two UW credits of Math 497 for two courses together will be available for the additional cost of $205 (approximately - exact amount announced later). Payment can be made by credit card or check. (For UW math 497 credit, 6 additional hours of After-Dinner Math are required.)

  • Sun 7/25: 7-9 PM -- an evening program to kick off the week and provide information!
  • Mon-Fri 7/26 - 7/30: From 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM each day of class.
  • Mon-Thursday 7:30-9:30 - Optional After-Dinner Math

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