Cohort 4 Application
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Summer Workshops

August 4 -8, 2008 Seattle


We invite you to apply to join Cohort 4 of the Washington Mathematics Case Study Project (MCSP), a consortium of mathematics teachers from across Washington. MCSP is a partnership of classroom teachers and university faculty working together to create and deliver quality professional development. Teachers will strengthen their pedagogical content knowledge by working on cases during a 5-day residential workshop. To this end, our sessions will combine reflection on the big ideas of teaching mathematics with a coordinated study of student work using video cases and written cases. These cases will be taken from real classrooms around the entire state of Washington. Whatever curricular material teachers are using in your district, this program will help you to teach mathematics more effectively.


The MSCP, funded by Title II Math Science Partnership money has had a successful three years in Washington. Due to such high demand from our participating teachers and the excellent work they did with their students, we were able to secure an extension to run a one week summer workshop for August 4 - 8, 2008. There will be no follow-up sessions during the school year. Please join the returning staff Kimberly Vincent, WSU, Art Mabbott, Seattle School District, Jim King, UW, Mike Gilbert, UH, and Keith Adolphson, EWU, for one last hurray.


Project Financial Details

á      The MCSP will pay for breakfast, lunch and snacks and will pay a $750 stipend for all teachers.

á      the project will pay for lodging at the luxurious dorm, Hansee Hall at UW, for those who live more than 50 miles from Seattle.

á      Participant Responsibilities:

o      attend all five days of the summer workshop

o      pay for parking at UW, your dinners and travel to Seattle.

o      pay for Clock hours or graduate credit (if you want one or the other)


This summerŐs workshop will include two separate content foci: Algebraic Thinking and Geometry.  All activities will align with the newly adopted Washington State K-8 Standards. Four of our project staff were on the Standards Revision Team (Vincent, Mabbott, King & Gilbert—until he moved to Hawaii)


We cannot stress too strongly that the overall goal of the project is to develop a sustainable program that will form lasting partnerships. For questions or comments, please contact  Kimberly Vincent, Washington State University at 509-335-3143 or by email at


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