Northwest Mathematics Interaction

NWMI Investigations Math Minicourses
August 9-12, 2004

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NWMI Investigations Math Minicourses

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Session A: (August 9-10)

Session B: (August 11-12)

The World of Polyhedra

Instructor: Will Webber

Counting & Number Patterns

Instructor: Brian Hopkins

Teaching with Data: Data Collection and Analysis

Instructors: Philip Mallinson and Carol Hattan


The minicourses will be taught on the University of Washington campus in Seattle. Each session offers one choice from two or three concurrent courses.

These Investigations Minicourses are offered during the week of the NWMI Summer Geometry Institute. Each minicourse lasts for two days, going deeply into a single subject. The first day includes an evening program shared among the teachers in all the NWMI programs.


High School and Middle School Teachers who wish to delve deeply into a math topic in a supportive collegial environment.


Like all NWMI programs, the minicourses blend practical hands-on activity with reflection about math content. You will feel confident to use this math in your classroom. Each course is taught by a team of a college teacher and a high school teacher. The courses are in alignment with the NCTM Standards and the Washington Essential Learnings. Lodging on campus is included. You are encouraged to stay on campus at night and think math instead of traffic!



Session A.
Day 1. 8/9: 9:30-5 & 7-9
Day 2. 8/10: 8:30-4
Session B.
Day 1. 8/11: 9:30-5 & 7-9
Day 2. 8/12: 8:30-4


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