Program for Alumni Reunion 2000

TITLE: Build A Giant Model of _____.

PRESENTER: Rhonda Webber

DESCRIPTION: What model can be folded from 11 pieces of square papers? Fold six squares into octangular stars, cut five pieces into four squares each, fold eight of these into triangles, and the rest into rhombi. Put them together and you will have a ____________. We will work with 36 inch square paper to build

giant models. Come join the fun and find the answer.

TITLE: Geometric Jewels (two sessions)

PRESENTER: Philip Mallinson

DESCRIPTION: I'm thinking of something about an unusual take on regular polygons and something about geometric invariants. I've also have some origami that exploits the properties of A4 paper, rather than square.

TITLE: Cycling the Bridges of Koenigsberg

(Two sessions)

PRESENTER: Brian Hopkins

DESCRIPTION: Graph theory is the mathematical study of connection. In addition to the basics, we will consider the search for two types of "cycles" which are the basis of many applications. The field originated with Leonard Euler's 1736 solution to the "Bridges of Koenigsberg" problem, and we'll start at the same place. A thorough investigation will lead to a characterization of graphs with an "Eulerian cycle." In the second session, we'll look at a puzzle William Hamilton sold to an Irish toy maker in 1859 (complete with manipulative). Although Hamiltonian cycles" seem very similar to Eulerian cycles, they are much more elusive to understand. In just one weekend session, we will find ourselves at an edge of contemporary mathematical research.

TITLE: The Most Special Math Holiday--PI DAY!

PRESENTER: Rachel Harrington

DESCRIPTION: Learn fun and educational ways of celebrating the most fun day of the year, March 14(3-14,3.14 get it?). You will leave with songs, crafts, recipes, games and math activities appropriate for all levels of mathematics. I will share my experiences from celebrating in my high school Geometry and Trigonometry classes and show how the love of Pi has even spread to other disciplines!

TITLE: Illuminate the Alumni


DESCRIPTION: We have reserved Saturday night from 8:00 PM to ?? in Hansee Hall for alumni sharing. Tell us about your best lesson(s) this year, or about a break-through in student understanding. What has worked for you this year that the rest of us would like to hear about? Each of you has a demonstration or investigation that is worth sharing. If you bring hard copy to share, bring 25 copies.

TITLE: The Park City Group

PRESENTER: Art Mabbott et al

DESCRIPTION: The Park City Group will share a few new geometry activities that they learn this summer at Princeton, New Jersey.