Noah Forman

Acting Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, University of Washington

Email: nforman (at) washington [dot] edu
Office: Padelford C-414

Punting on the Cherwell


Fall 2017 - Math 394: Probability I.
Spring 2017 - Math 324: Advanced multivariable calculus.
Winter 2017 - Math 582G: Continuum random trees.


Link to an arXiv search of my name. I study combinatorial stochastic processes: combinatorial topics and methods, within probability theory. In particular, I have worked on: Here is a cool simulation of a process that I constructed in joint work with Soumik Pal, Douglas Rizzolo, and Matthias Winkel. The simulation was created by Rey Chou, Alex Forney, and Chengning Li, under the supervision of myself and Gerandy Brito.


I earned a B.A. in mathematics and physics from Oberlin College in May of 2008, with highest honors in mathematics. I completed a Ph.D. in mathematics at the UC Berkeley in December of 2013, supervised by Jim Pitman. My dissertation studied a path transformation and fluctuations of random walks and Brownian motion. From 2014-2016 I worked with Matthias Winkel at Oxford, studing stochastic processes on the space of real trees (or continuum random trees).

Here's a link to my CV.

I also enjoy dancing.

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