Noah Forman

Acting Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, University of Washington

Email: nforman (at) uw [dot] edu
Office: Padelford C-414
Office hours (Winter '19): 2-4PM, Wednesdays

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Winter 2019 - Math 424: Real analysis.
Fall 2018 - TA for Math 394: Probability I. Spring 2018 - Math 426: Measure theory.
Fall 2017 - Math 394: Probability I.
Spring 2017 - Math 324: Advanced multivariable calculus.
Winter 2017 - Math 582G: Continuum random trees.


I study combinatorial stochastic processes: combinatorial topics and methods, within probability theory. Here is a link to my research statement. In particular, I have worked on: I have an ongoing project, in collaboration with Soumik Pal, Doug Rizzolo, and Matthias Winkel, to resolve a 1999 conjecture of David Aldous regarding the existence a continuum-tree-valued diffusion with certain properties. This project includes the following papers, preprints, and works in progress: Here is a cool simulation of a process involved in the Aldous diffusion construction. The simulation was created by Rey Chou, Alex Forney, and Chengning Li, under the supervision of myself and Gerandy Brito.


I earned a B.A. in mathematics and physics from Oberlin College in May of 2008, with highest honors in mathematics. I completed a Ph.D. in mathematics at UC Berkeley in December of 2013, supervised by Jim Pitman. From 2014-2016 I worked with Matthias Winkel at Oxford, studing stochastic processes on the space of continuum trees. (CV)

University of Washington
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