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Math 308 C, Spring Quarter 2015

Office Hours: Fr, 11.35am - 12.15am, and by appointment
Office: Padelford C331
Lectures:Mo, Wed, Fr, 9:30am-10.20am in LOW 101 and Mo, Wed, Fr, 10.30am - 11.20am in LOW 105

Text: Linear Algebra With Applications, by Jeffrey Holt

Communication Our main and most important way to communicate is The advantage of this forum is that anyone of this course has access to questions and answers that might come up in the course. I will mentor and guide these questions, provide answers if not already done by other students, and post information that is relevant for the course. Before emailing me with a question you should log in to the forum, check if that question might have already been asked by somebody else and then start a new thread. That way anybody who follows profits from this open discussion.

Homework: Homework assignments will be given and corrected via Webassign. Students who purchase a hard copy of text will need to purchase stand-alone Webassign access for an extra $50. Students may instead purchase Webassign access along with an electronic copy of the text for a total of $75. For more information on WebAssign please check this website as well.

Exams: You may use a scientific calculator. Graphing/programmable calculators and other electronic devices will not be allowed.

Midterm (Section C and D) Friday, 11/06 in lecture
Final Exam (Section C) Wednesday, 12/16 8:30-10:20am
Final Exam (Section D) Monday, 12/14 8:30-10:20am

Answer key for practice test Fall 2014 can be downloaded here.
Answer key for Midterm Fall 2014 can be downloaded here.
Midterm Winter 2015 can be downloaded here.
Answer key for Midterm Winter 2015 can be downloaded here.
Here is a link to the midterm with answer key:Midterm with solution.
Final Winter 2015 can be downloaded here.
Answer key for practice test for the final Winter 2015 can be downloaded here.

Grading: Your grade will be determined by:
Homework 25
Midterm 25
Quizzes 10
Final Exam 40
The final grade translates as follows: 70% are necessary for 2.0 and 90% are sufficient for a 4.0.

Lecture Notes: I will post my lecture notes here. These notes will be updated frequently and show all the sections we will have covered so far. Please feel free to download them, bring them to class and make notes on the sheets, so that, instead of trying to keep up with writing you can focus on the content.

Practice exam: Here is the practice exam for the midterm which you can turn in 11/2 or 11/4, depending if you want to compare your solutions with the answer key or not. Midterm Practice.

Resources for students with disabilities: The University of Washington is commited to providing access, equal opportunity and reasonable accomodation in its services, programs, activities, education and employment for individuals with disabilities. To request disability accomodation contact the Disability Services Office at least ten days in advance at: 206-543-6450/V, 206-543-6452/TTY, 206-685-7264 (FAX), or

Tenative Syllabus:
§1.1 §1.2 §1.3 §2.1 §2.2 §2.3 §3.1 §3.2 §3.3 §4.1 §4.2 §4.3 §5.1 §6.1 §6.2 §7.1 §7.2 (if time allows)
Introduction, Lines and Linear Systems Linear Systems/ Matrices Applica- tions Vectors Span Linear Indepen- dence Linear Trans- formations Matrix Algebra Inverses Subspaces Basis/ Dimens- ion Row and Column Spaces Determinant Function Eigen- values and Eigen- vectors Change of Basis Dot Products/ Orthogonal Sets Projection/ Gram-Schmidt-Process

This is the video you need to watch as homework for the week 10/23 - 10/30. We will do a flipped classroom seesion next Wednesday. Problems on Webassign which we do not finish that day will be added to your homework assignment for that week. You can either use the link to watch the video or use the embedded version down here.