I am a postdoctoral scholar at University of Washington. I received my PhD from Rice University in 2018 under the supervision of Anthony Várilly-Alvarado. My research interests are in arithmetic geometry.

    mn75 ‘at’ uw ‘dot’ edu

    Padelford Hall, University of Washington



  • 2018-2019

  • University of Manchester

  • Research Associate

  • Mentor: Daniel Loughran

  • 2019-2020

  • University of Bath

  • Research Associate

  • Mentor: Daniel Loughran

  • 2020-present

  • University of Washington

  • Postdoctoral Scholar

  • Mentor: Bianca Viray


Most of my work revolves around the existence and distribution of rational points on algebraic varieties. I study local-to-global principles and how its failures are explained by the Brauer-Manin obstruction. Recently, I have been working on extending the obstruction theory from integral and rational points to semi-integral points.


Recent/Upcoming Travel

  • Number Theory and Arithmetic Geometry Seminar, University of Hannover, online
  • Number Theory Seminar, UCSD
  • WAGS, Colorado State University
  • Number Theory Seminar, University of Georgia
  • Rational Points 2022, Schney Germany
  • QNTAG Seminar, SFU, online
  • Heilbronn Number Theory Seminar, University of Bristol, online


  • Math 300B/E Introduction to Proofs and Mathematical Reasoning, Winter 2022
  • Math 224A/D Advanced Multivariable Calculus, Fall 2021
  • Math 340A Abstract Linear Algebra, Summer 2021
  • Math 308C/D Matrix Algebra, Spring 2021
  • Math 308L Matrix Algebra, Winter 2021


When I am not researching and teachinhg, I'm an avid pool player. In 2017 and 2018, my team won the Texas BCA Championships back to back. Also in 2017, we placed 2nd in the National Championship in Las Vegas.