Math 404A: Introduction to Modern Algebra

Professor William (Monty) McGovern 
Spring 2016

Monty (or William) McGovern
Office: Padelford C-450
Phone: 206-543-1149
Office Hours: TTh 1:30 or by appointment, Padelford C-450; grader's hours Th 2:30-3:30, office PDL C-8E, email
Monday, Wednesday & Friday, 9:30-10:20 a.m., Smith Hall 105
Required Text:

Algebra, by Michael Artin, (2d ed., Pearson, 2011).

Math 403 or the equivalent. 

1st Midterm: Friday, April 22, in class.
2nd Midterm: Friday, May 20, in class.
Final: Wednesday, June 8, 8:30 a.m. (Note: this is one hour earlier than our normal starting time.)

Your grade will be based on weekly homework, two midterms, and a final exam, accounting for 20%, 40%, and 40%, respectively. The final exam will be comprehensive. If you must miss an exam because of illness or emergency, I would very much appreciate advance notice. If you cannot complete a homework assignment on time, you can always turn it in by 4:00 on the day it is due to the grader's (James Cameron's)) mailbox. PLEASE turn in WHATEVER YOU CAN rather than nothing. In all tests you may use two letter-sized pages (one sheet front and back of notes in your own handwriting). class.
Incompletes and Drops:
The grade of Incomplete will be given ONLY if a student has been doing satisfactory work until the end of the quarter and then misses the final exam for a documented illness, religious reason, or family emergency.
What to Expect:
I will be doing some linear algebra over a wide class of commutative rings this quarter (Chapter 14) and then moving on to some field and Galois theory (Chapters 15 and 16). I will broadly follow the text and try to indicate at all times where and how it treats the material I am discussing, but I will feel free to omit certain topics, cover others in greater depth, and discuss still others that are not in the text at all.


Apr 8
14.1.1,4; 14.2.4; 14.4.1,3: read 14.1,2,4, skip 14.3, start 14.5
Apr 15
14.4.6; 14.5.1,2; 14.7.3,5: read 14.5-8
Apr 22
study problems, first midterm: 4.7.3,4 (!); 14.4.8; 14.7.4,8: read 4.7, skim 14.9, start 15.1,2
Apr 29
15.1.1; 15.2.3; 15.3.1-3: read 15.1-3, skip 15.4, start 15.5
May 6
15.4.2; 15.5.2 (a); 15.6.1,2; 15.7.3: read 15.5-7
May 13
15.8.1,2; 15.M.4; 16.3.1,2: read 15.8,10, 16.3,4, start 16.5 (skip intervening sections)br>
May 20
study problems, second midterm:15.7.5; 15.M.2; 16.3.3; 16.7.2,3: read 16.5-7
May 27
16.7.4-6; 16.8.1; 16.10.1: read 16.1,10
Jun 3
study problems, final: 14.M.1,2; 15.M.3,5(a); 16.5.1; 16.7.11: skim 16.11,12

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