Math 403A: Introduction to Modern Algebra

Professor William McGovern;  Grader Sid Mathur
Winter 2016

Monty (or William) McGovern
Office: Padelford C-450
Phone: 206-543-1149
Office Hours: TTh 10:30 or by appointment
Grader Office: Art 336 Grader Office Hours: W 1:30 Grader Email:
Monday, Wednesday & Friday, 9:30-10:20 a.m., Anderson 10
Required Text:

Algebra by Michael Artin (same as in 402A last quarter)

2.0 in Math 402 or the equivalent. 

1st midterm: Friday, January 29, in class.
2nd midterm: Friday, February 26, in class.
Final: Wednesday, March 16, 8:30 a.m. (Note: this is one hour earlier than our normal starting time.)

Your grade will be based on weekly homework, two midterms, and a final exam, accounting for 20\%, 40\%,40%, respectively, of the final grade. The final exam will be comprehensive. If you must miss an exam because of illness or emergency, I would very much appreciate advance notice. If you cannot complete a homework assignment on time, you can always turn it in by 4:00 on the day it is due to the grader's (Sid Mathur's) mailbox. PLEASE turn in WHATEVER YOU CAN rather than nothing. In all tests you may use two letter-sized pages (one sheet front and back of notes in your own handwriting). class.
Incompletes and Drops:
The grade of Incomplete will be given ONLY if a student has been doing satisfactory work until the end of the quarter and then misses the final exam for a documented illness, religious reason, or family emergency.
What to Expect:
I will be covering ring theory, focussing on factorization (Chapters 11 through 13 in the text, with some omissions) this quarter. We will be studying mostly subrings of the complex numbers that are closely related to the integers, using these to learn new properties of the integers themselves.


Jan 8
Read 11.1-3
Jan 15
Exercises 11.1.1,6; 11.2.1; 11.3.3; 11.5.1: read 11.4,5
Jan 22
11.4.2,3; 11.7.1,2; 12.1.1: finish 11 (omit 11.8,9), read 12.1, start 12.2
Jan 29
study problems, first midterm: 11.4.1,4; 11.6.8; 12.2.1-3: finish 12.2, start 12.3.
Feb 5
11.2.2; 12.1.3; 12.3.1; 12.4.7; 12.5.1: read 12.3-5
Feb 12
12.5.3; 12.M.5; 13.1.4; 13.2.2; 13.3.4 (a) : read 13.1-3
Feb 19
13.4.1; 13.5.1,2; 13.6.2,3: read 13.4-6
Feb 26
study problems, second midterm: 12.4.9; 12.5.6,9; 13.3.4 (b),(c); 13.6.1; 13.10.1: read 13.7, skim 13.10
Mar 4
13.6.4,5; 13.7.4; 13.8.1,2: read 13.8, finish 13.10
Mar 11
study problems, final: 11.3.11; 12.4.3; 12.5.1; 13.6.7; 13.8.3: review Chapter 13

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