Math 136A: Honors Accelerated Calculus

Professor Monty (William) McGovern;  TA Julie Zhang
Spring 2020

Monty (or William) McGovern
Office: Padelford C-450; TA office Padelford C-115
Phone: 206-543-1149
Office Hours: MWF 12:30 and by appointment; TA office hours Th 12:30-2:30
given online M-F, 11:30 a.m.-12:20 p.m. at, also posted five days a week
Required Texts:

Calculus: One and Several Variables by Salas and Hille (10th ed., Wiley, 2007) by Sergei Treil (2017)


2.5 in Math 135 or the equivalent.


1st Midterm: Friday, April 24, online.
2nd Midterm: Friday, May 22, online.
Final: Wednesday, June 10, 2:30 p.m.,online. (Note: this is one hour earlier than our normal starting time.)

Your course grade will be based on homework (30%), two midterms (40%), and a final. Assignments will be given weekly (see the schedule below), and all problems turned in will be graded this term. All problems are due on Friday and should be submitted through Canvas. If you must miss a test due to illness or emergency, I would very much appreciate advance notice. In all tests you may use two letter-sized pages (one sheet front and back of notes in your own handwriting).
Incompletes and Drops:
The grade of Incomplete will be given ONLY if a student has been doing satisfactory work until the end of the quarter and then misses the final exam for a documented illness, religious reason, or family emergency.
What to Expect:
This is the third quarter of a three-quarter sequence in honors accelerated calculus; overall the series covers the content of Math 124-6 and Math 307-8 in three quarters. We will start with the rest of what we have to cover of multivariable calculus (chaps. 16-17 in Salas-Hille), followed by linear algebra (from the Treil notes); we will also point out the connections between calculus and linear algebra.


16.4.33; 16.5.12,30; 16.6.27; 16.7.25: read 16.6,7; skim 16.8,9
Apr 10
16.8.21,23; 16.9.15; Treil LADW, p.46, 2.1(e)(g): read LADW 1.1-1.3, 2.1
Apr 17
SH 16.9.25; Treil LADW p. 17, 3.4; p. 51, 3.1-3: read LADW 1.4-6, 2.2-5
Apr 24
study problems, first midterm: SH 16.5.15,17; 16.7.16,18; LADW, p. 206, 2.1 (use row and column operations only, not completing the square);, p. 51, 3.4-7; p.54, 4.1; p. 67, 7.3: read LADW, chap. 3 (also SH Chap. 16 on midterm)
May 1
LADW, p. 85, 3.3,4; p. 95, 5.5,6; 9.97, 7.3: finish Chapter 3, start Chapter 4
May 8
LADW, p. 104 #1.3,4; p. 105 #1.8; p. 115 #2.9; SH 17.3.31: read Chapter 4of LADW, 17.1-4 of SH
May 15
LADW ; Salas-Hille : read SH
May 22
study problems, second midterm: LADW p. 73, 8.4,6; p. 141, 4.3,4; p. 214, 4.1-3; read Chapter 5 and section 4 of Chapter 7; SH 17.5.1,3,5; 17.6.4,5; 17.10.17,19,27: finish Chapter 17
May 29
SH : read
Jun 5
study problems, final:

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