Montlake Math Challenge

Welcome to the Montlake Math Challenge! The MMC is an after school program for students who love math and want to expand their mathematical knowledge. The program's goal is to introduce students to exciting mathematical ideas that are not part of the standard curriculum. We will emphasize a hands-on learning environment in which students will explore new concepts in small groups.

Meeting Times: The MMC will meet on Thursdays in the school library from 3:20 - 4:20.
Instructors: Steve Klee (UW graduate student) and Amir Talebiliasi (UW undergraduate).
Contact Information: Steve Klee -- klees [at] math [dot] washington [dot] edu


Math is Cool

Math is Cool is an annual math contest held in Seattle, Spokane, and Wenatchee for students in grades 4-12. There are separate tests for each grade level, and we are hoping to enter fourth and fifth grade teams to represent the Montlake Math Challenge. More information about the contest can be found at the Math is Cool website .

The contest dates are March 28, 2008 for fourth graders and April 25, 2008 for fifth graders. The UW math deparment will be covering a portion (if not all) of the contest entry fees. We are asking for parent volunteers who can carpool students to and from the contest and serve as chaperones during the contest. The nearest contest site is Highline High School at 225 S. 152nd St.

We will be passing out an information sheet on the Math is Cool contest tomorrow (January 17). If your child is interested in participating in the contest or if you are willing to volunteer your time as a chaperone for one of the contest dates, please return this form to Steve by February 7, 2008 or respond by email.