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Math Hour Olympiad 2016

Problems, Statistics, and Results


AwardGrades 6-7Grades 8-10
First Prize Alex Wei Artem Astapchuk
Pavel Braginskiy
Yury Sudzilouski
Colin Tang
Second Prize Gregory Baimetov Axel Li
Jacob Zikan
Third Prize Nishant Bhakar
Charles Ge
Oleg Ianchenko
Dmitry Basov
Noah Borthwick
Illya Chebotaryov
Max Packer
Carl Schildkraut
Eva Smerekanych
Damien Snyder
James Soetedjo
Honorable Mention Charlie Anderson
William Baxter
Nate Becker
James Browning
Ethan Hu
Arnav Narula
Siddhartha Yalamanchili
Not awarded

Problem by problem statistics

GradeNumber of Participants Problem 1Problem 2Problem 3Problem 4Problem 5Problem 6Problem 7

Thank you!

This event would not have been possible without the dedicated support and time given by the following individuals: In addition, we gratefully acknowledge the generous help and support from the Northwest Academy of Sciences. This event was partially supported by NSF grant DMS-0953011.