ANALYTICPIC is a program, written in MATLAB, which creates pictures of complex-valued functions of a complex variable. MATLAB can create good three-dimensional pictures, but four degrees of freedom are needed to make the kind of images in question. Colour is used as the fourth degree of freedom: A graph drawn by ANALYTICPIC is a coloured surface. The modulus of a function is given by the height of the graph, and the argument is given by the colour of the appropriate point on the graph. (Roughly speaking, light blue corresponds to positive real values, red to negative real values, purply-blue to positive purely imaginary values, and greeny-yellow to negative purely imaginary values.)

Here are some examples of graphs drawn by ANALYTICPIC:

How to get a copy of ANALYTICPIC

If you have MATLAB, you should be able to use ANALYTICPIC. Here's how to get a copy:

Tarred version of ANALYTICPIC

Currently, ANALYTICPIC has only been tested on Unix. It would be nice to know if it works on other platforms.

If you have any comments, suggestions, bug reports, or good examples, please send them to Paul Moorehead

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Last Updated: Sept. 27th, 1996