Some things to do in and around Seattle

Note: prices and links were last updated in 2007, so much of this information is probably not current. Caveat linkor!


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About Transportation

You can get to most places in Seattle and surrounding areas by bus—Metro bus for Seattle and its immediate environs, or Sound Transit for the more distant towns. The buses are safe, clean, friendly, and usually on time. While you're in downtown Seattle, you can ride the bus for free if you get on and off in the "ride free area." The Metro Transit web site has a trip planner that will automatically find a bus route for you.

If you decide to go north to Everett or south to Tacoma, try the Sounder Commuter Rail. If you want to go to any of the islands in Puget Sound, the Washington State Ferries are fun and inexpensive for walk-on passengers. If you rent a bicycle at Recycled Cycles or Gregg's, you'll find that Seattle is one of the best cities in the US for getting around by bike.

But there are still a few places that are hard to get to without a car. If public transportation doesn't go where you want to go and you don't have a car available, a taxi can be reasonably inexpensive if several people share it:

Be sure to sort out your transportation needs before deciding where to go.