Pacific Northwest Geometry Seminar

1997 Winter Meeting

Mathematical Sciences Research Institute
Berkeley, CA

Saturday, February 8, 1997


The talks by Marsden, Thurston, and Schoen will be rebroadcast on the MBone (the Internet Multicast Backbone) on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, February 18-20, at noon PST. If your site is not yet connected to the MBone, contact your system administrator and point him/her to the MSRI MBone Information Page.

Overhead slides (and preprints, when available) will be posted here so you can view them during the talks. Click on the title of a talk to see the slides.


9:00 Coffee
9:30 Jerry Marsden (Department of Control & Dynamical Systems, Cal Tech)
Geometry and Classical Mechanics
11:00 Jeonghyeong Park (Honam University, South Korea, & University of Oregon)
The spectral geometry of Hermitian submersions
12:00 Lunch
2:30 Bill Thurston (MSRI & UC Davis)
Foliations and Geometry
4:00 Rick Schoen (Stanford)
Least volume Lagrangian cycles

All lectures will be in the lecture hall at MSRI.

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