Pacific Northwest Geometry Seminar 

2006 Winter Meeting

Stanford University
450 Serra Mall, Bldg. 380
Stanford, CA 94305-2125

Saturday and Sunday, February 25 and 26, 2006


Saturday, February 25
Herrin Hall (393 Serra Mall), Room T175
10:00–11:00 Coffee (in the Math Courtyard)
11:00–12:10 Dan Freed (UT Austin)
Orientation of moduli spaces
12:10–2:00 Lunch
2:00–3:10 Simon Scott (King's College, London)
Trace defect formulas for pseudodifferential operators on closed and singular manifolds
3:15–4:25 Natasa Sesum (Columbia University)
The Kähler Ricci flow and the solutions to the conjugate heat equation
4:25–5:55 Tea (in the Math Courtyard)
4:55–6:10 Peter Li (UC Irvine)
Weighted Poincaré inequality and structure of complete manifolds
Sunday, February 26
Sloan Mathematics Center (450 Serra Mall, Bldg. 380), Room 380-C
9:00–9:45 Coffee (in the Math Courtyard)
9:45–10:55 Neshan Wickramasekera (UC San Diego)
Hölder continuity of singular sets in variational problems
11:00–12:10 Larry Guth (Stanford)
Volume Estimates for Families of Cycles

All talks will be 60 minutes, followed by a 10 minute discussion and open problem period.

Here is a printable schedule (PDF).

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