Math 126: Calculus With Analytic Geometry III

Past Quizzes, Tests, and Homeworks

Quizzes and exams are available here both in HTML format (with the mathematics as in-line GIF images) and in PostScript format. Here is information on downloading and viewing PostScript documents.




Information about the final exam:

If you signed one of the spaces on the front page of your final exam, your exam with your final grade on it was either mailed to you or left outside your TA's office in Padelford Hall. Otherwise, you may contact your TA and arrange for a time to pick up your exam during winter quarter.


Anna Burago Padelford C-8K <>
Jian Huang Padelford C-8K <>
Angela Pasquale Padelford C-424 <>
Walt Pohl Padelford C-430 <>

Median final exam score: 149 (75%)
Median course grade: 3.1

Great work! Most of you should be very proud of yourselves. Have a wonderful holiday and a great Winter quarter.

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