My research interests are in optimization and variational analysis, with applications to machine learning and data science. My Ph.D. advisor is Professor Dmitriy Drusvyatskiy. Although I am a student in the Mathematics Department, the University of Washington has a strong optimization group which ranges across several departments. If you are interested in attending optimization talks at UW, check out the interdepartmental TOPS and CORE seminars. The Machine Learning and Theory groups in CSE are also highly relevant. I help organize TOPS and maintain the webpage.


  1. Subgradient methods for sharp weakly convex functions. With D. Davis, D. Drusvyatskiy, and C. Paquette. In submission.
  2. Foundations of gauge and perspective duality. With A. Aravkin, J. Burke, D. Drusvyatskiy, and M. Friedlander. In submission.
  3. Subtrees of graphs. With A. Chin, G. Gordon, and C. Vincent. Published in the Journal of Graph Theory, May 2018.
  4. Pick a Tree - Any Tree. With A. Chin, G. Gordon,and C. Vincent. Appeared in The American Mathematical Monthly, 122(5), May 2015.
    ★ Earned the MAA's Paul R. Halmos-Lester R. Ford Award (2016) for outstanding exposition.


  1. SIAM Conference on Optimization; Vancouver, BC; May 2017
  2. Joint Mathematics Meetings; Baltimore, MD; Jan 2014 (with A. Chin and C. Vincent)
  3. MAA MathFest; Hartford, CT; Aug 2013 (with A. Chin and C. Vincent)
  4. WiMiN; Smith College, MA; Sept 2013