Class Handouts

The links below are to some of the class handouts. In some cases they are expositions, in some cases figures or problems that accompanied class activities. In addition to the handouts, additional resources can be found in the labs and explanations on the Lab Page, the answers on the Assignment Page, and the review material on the Test Page and the interactive Java Sketchpad pages on the JSP page..

01-10 Barycentric Coordinates

01-22 Axonometry figures

01-22 Dandelin spheres in a cylinder

01-27 Straight lines on cones and cylinders

01-29 Straight lines on spheres

01-29 Introduction to Stereographic Projection

01-31 Stereographic projection

02-03 Law of cosines questions and answers

02-05 Visualizing stereographic projection

02-10 Figures to accompany lecture on tangents and secants

02-12 Radical axis

02-14 Inversion outline

02-19 Harmonic Division

02-19 Inversion Methods

02-24 Figures with tangent and orthogonal circles

02-26 Poincaré disk model

03-03 Basic theorems of hyperbolic geometry

03-05 Poincaré disk distance

03-10 Central Projection

03-12 Ruler constructions and theorems from Projective Geometery

03-17 Perspective drawing of a square tessellation

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