List of Assignments for Math 445, Winter 2003

Assignment Due Comments
As 01 Wed 1/8 1-1 is group email assignment. 1-2 is a model.
As 02 Wed 1/15

Parallel projection; affine ratios, affine combinations

As 03 Wed 1/22 Affine parametrization and coordinates, Ceva theorem

As 04A

As 04B

Wed 1/29

More affine triangles -- Answers to 4A

Model/drawing about spherical geometry

As 05A Fri 1/31

Algebra of lines and projections

Answers to 5A

As 05B Wed 2/5

Problems about spheres

Answers to 5B

As 06

Wed 2/12 (draft)

Fri 2/14 (final)

More about spheres.
As 07 Wed 2/19


Answers to As 7 (partial)

As 08 Wed 2/26

DWEG, circles, inversion

Answers to As 8

As 09A

As 09B

Fri 2/28

Wed 3/5

Reading on Hyperbolic Geometry - prepare to write

Problems in Hyperbolic Geometry

As 10 Wed 3/12

Cross-ratio, more with inversions and P-model

Answers to As 10

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