Ideas for Projects

Plane Dissections

Space Dissections

Aperiodic Tessellations

Escher drawings with Patty Paper Geometry

Taxicab geometry - a simple non-Euclidean geometry

Devices for drawing conics - ellipses, parabolas and hyperbolas

Devices for perspective drawing from the Renaissance

Folding the circle to get solid models

The mathematics of polyhedra using Unit Origami

Constructions and transformations with transparent mirrors (e.g. MirasTM)

Geometry of numbers - find number relations from connection between geometry and complex medals

Advanced Polyhedra and Polyhedral Models and Connection with Design

Shape of Space

Construction with compasses only -

Fourth Dimension

Advanced straightedge and compass construction in traditional architecture (such as for cathedral windows)

Finite Geometries

The Golden Ratio

Geometry of Maps

Geodesic Domes

History of Math

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