Jacob Richey

3rd-year graduate student in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Washington

Email: jfrichey(at)math.washington.edu
Office: Padelford C-8K


My research is in combinatorial probability.


  • A smooth transition from Wishart to GOE (preprint)
  • Activated random walk on a cycle (preprint)
  • Other interests

    Collisions among random walks. A short paper I wrote about collisions of random walks. Has some original results about collisions among 2 and 3 random walks on the line and on a cycle, and surveys of some papers on the subject.

    Undergraduate honors thesis. An investigation of percolation on finite boxes in Z^2.

    Bridge conventions and bidding. An introduction to the basics of bridge I have used to teach friends and family about the game. Contains an explicit bidding tree for SAYC.

    Bridge articles. Some short articles I wrote to teach advanced bridge situations, e.g. squeezes and coups.

    Current Teaching

  • Autumn 2017: MATH 324 (Multivariable Calculus)