Jacob Richey

6th-year graduate student in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Washington

Email: jfrichey(at)math.washington.edu
Office: Padelford C-8K


My research is in combinatorial probability. Recently, I have been thinking about interacting particle systems, random intersection graphs, and a recovery problem for simple random walk.

Publications and preprints

  • A smooth transition from Wishart to GOE. JOTP, 2018.
  • Activated random walk on a cycle AIHP, 2019.
  • Non-fixation for ARW on Z for any sleep rate, with Chris Hoffman and Leonardo Rolla. In preparation.
  • Intersections of random sets, with Amites Sarkar. In preparation.
  • Rumor source detection with multiple observations under adaptive diffusion protocols, with Miklos Racz. In preparation.
  • When random intersection graphs lose geometry, with Sebastien Bubeck and Miklos Racz. In preparation.
  • Other mathematical writings

    Collisions among random walks. A short paper I wrote about collisions of random walks. Has some original results about collisions among 2 and 3 random walks on the line and on a cycle, and short surveys of some papers on the subject.

    Intersections of random sets. An ongoing project on intersections of random sets on the real line, and random disks in the plane.

    Combinatorial processes. A catalogue of some interesting combinatorial processes, with some new and old questions and results.

    Undergraduate honors thesis. An investigation of percolation on finite boxes in Z^2.

    Bridge articles

    Bridge conventions and bidding. An introduction to the basics of bridge I have used to teach friends and family about the game. Contains an explicit bidding tree for SAYC.

    Bridge articles. Some short articles I wrote to teach advanced bridge situations, e.g. squeezes and coups.

    Current Teaching

  • Fall 2019: MATH 324 (Multivariable calculus)