Math 582D: Recent Hits in Algebraic Geometry

Winter quarter 2021, University of Washington

Lectures: Mon/Wed 1-2:20
Instructor: Jarod Alper (

This will be a seminar style course where we take turns presenting on recent influential papers in the algebraic geometry literature. Each speaker will pick a single "recent hit" to cover.

The style and content of the presentation is entirely up to you. You could present a single result from the paper and give an overview of the proof. Or you could simply provide background material necessary to state and appreciate a given result. Alternatively, you could focus the lecture on the significance and applications of the paper.

The classroom will be a friendly and welcoming space. There is no expectation whatsoever that you've mastered the material of the paper. Just do your best job in presenting what you understand and other audience members may be able to add to the discussion.

Examples: We will be flexible on what it means for a paper to be "recent" or a "hit," or even whether it lies in "algebraic geometry." You are really free to choose any paper to present on.

Here are some examples of recent influential papers. There are of course many, many others and I have made no effort whatsoever to create a definitive or exhaustive list.