Prince of Persia: The Crystal Castle Updates


Updates that Ive made to the game:


1)   First release: Releasing my game for the whole world to see!

2)   Second release: I fixed a few rendering bugs in the final boss scene.

3)   Third release: I made passing the ghost on the fifth level easier.

4)   Fourth release: Fixed the bug that life points didn't carry over on certain levels.

5)   Fifth release: I changed two of the controls on the Xbox version since B quits the program in UWP applications.

6)   Sixth release: I added another checkpoint to the sixth level. I also negligibly modified the map on level 9 so that you cant immediately reach the first checkpoint from the start (it was a design flaw). In addition, I modified slightly the official name of the game in the Windows version.


Thank you so much to people who have submitted feedback!