The lectures will take place in the Electrical Engineering Building in room EE 045. This building is located quite close to Drumheller Fountain, which is the blue dot in the center of this map of the campus.   It is just a five minute walk down Stevens Way from the Mathematics Department in Padelford Hall and just a short walk from Red Square.   Both are shown on this map.  You should enter where the Electrical Engineering Building meets Building CSEE,  shown on this map.  Room EE 045 is one level below ground level.  If you park on campus before noon on Saturdays, you must pay a fee as you enter the campus.

Here is the schedule of talks:            Karl Rubin            9:30   - 10:30
                                                                Adrian Iovita       11:00 -  12:00
                                                                Bill Casselman     2:00   -  3:00
                                                                John Tate              3:30   -  4:30

Tea, Coffee, and Pastries will be available before and after the lectures.   A dinner in a nearby restaurant will be organized for Saturday evening.