The evolution of life on our planet.  What could be a more interesting and important example of a creative process?  Randomness plays a crucial role in this process--for example,  randomly occurring mutations,  random changes in weather patterns, and random catastrophic events.  It is this aspect of the evolution of life that will be the topic of this page.  We should emphasize that the role of randomness is just one ingredient.   Animals and plants on our planet eventually die. The continuation of life therefore depends on its ability to reproduce.  This creates the possibility of change, and an opportunity for both randomness and natural selection to play a role. There are many difficult and controversial issues surrounding the role of randomness in the origin and evolution of life.  For now, I will simply collect interesting and relevant links.

Talk Origins
Evidence for Evolution
Theory and History
Genetic Drift
Evolutionary Theory
Objections to Evolution
Towards the Third Evolutionary Synthesis
How the Genome Readies Itself for Evolution

Max Delbruck
The Luria-Delbruck Experiment
Bacterial Mutations
Microbial Genetics

Evolution Evolving
Directed Mutations


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