Evidence for the possibility of an ocean on Europa

Europa ice rafts (April 9th, 1997)
Close-up of Europa's surface (April 9th, 1997)
Europa: Wet and Wild (Scientific American, April 14th, 1997)
An ocean discovered: Europa surrenders her secrets
The partially watery world of Europa (AGU, December, 1997)
By Jove, water on Europa (January 21st, 1998)
Detailed images from Europa point to slush below surface (March 2nd, 1998)
Titanic forces show ocean at work on Europa
A day on Europa  (May, 1998)
Europa fault latest evidence for underground ocean (December 10th, 1998)
Galileo buzzes Europa (February, 1999)
Divining water on Europa  (September, 1999)
Cracks best evidence yet for Europan ocean (September, 1999)
Sulfuric acid found on Europa (September, 1999)
Surf's up on Europa? (January, 2000)
Galileo findings boosts idea of other-worldly ocean (January, 2000)
Europa crust may hide ocean (January, 2000)
Europa: Latest Galileo flyby may reveal liquid ocean (January, 2000)
There may be friction among Europa's ice slabs (June 2000 )
Scientists discover tidal squeezing on Europa (August, 2000)
Galileo shows signs of ocean on Europa (August, 2000)
Galileo evidence points to possible water world under Europa's icy crust (August, 2000)
Is Europa a Wet Io? (February, 2001)
Slippery Surface of Europa Slides, Migrates around Moon (November, 2001)
New Estimate for Thickness of Crust over Europa's Ocean (November, 2001)

Life on Europa

Clues to possible life on Europa may lie buried in Antarctic ice (March 5, 1998)
Limited Energy for Mars and Europa Life, Scientists Report (August 26, 1998)
Searching for life on Europa (August 28, 1998)
Probing the fiery depths (October 26th, 1998)
NASA data support theory of life on moon of Jupiter (October, 1998)
Lake Vostok may teach us about Europa (August, 1999)
Antarctic Lake May Help Scientists Understand Europa (August 5, 1999)
Move over Mars -- Europa needs equal billing (November 1999)
Jupiter's deadly radiation could power life on Europa (January, 2000)
How life may live on Europa (January, 2000)
New calculations support prospect of life on Europa (January, 2000)
Increasing evidence that Europa lives (April, 2000)
New find proves life can thrive in hostile conditions (May, 2000 )
Life in Europa's icy crust (November, 2000)
Mars or Europa: Where Does Life Exist? (March, 2001)
Report: Jupiter's moons possess food for life (June, 2001)
Case Made for Life on Jupiter Moon (December, 2001)
Europan Tides Might Foster Life, Says UA Member of Galileo Imaging Team (February, 2002)
Tides of Jovian moon Europa might support life (February, 2002)


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