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Random Matrix Theory     
1. Matrix Models for Beta Ensembles, 

           with Alan Edelman

   Journal of Mathematical Physics 43 (11)  (November 2002), 5830--5847

2. Path counting and Random Matrix Theory,

           with Etienne Rassart

   Electronic Journal of Combinatorics, 10 (1) (2003), 35--47

3. Eigenvalues of Hermite and Laguerre Ensembles: Large Beta Asymptotics,

           with Alan Edelman

   Annales de l'Institut Henri Poincare (B), 41 (6) (2005), 1083--1099

4. Global spectrum fluctuations for the beta-Hermite and
beta-Laguerre ensembles via matrix models,

           with Alan Edelman

  Journal of Mathematical Physics 47 (2006), 063302 (36 pages)

5. MOPs: Multivariate Orthogonal Polynomials (symbolically)

            with Alan Edelman and Gene Shuman

  Journal of Symbolic Computation 42 (2007), 587--620

6. Distributions of the extreme eigenvalues of beta-Jacobi matrices

            with Plamen Koev

  SIAM Journal of Matrix Analysis and Applications, 30 (1) (2008) 1--6

7. Tridiagonal realization of the antisymmetric Gaussian beta-ensemble

             with Peter Forrester

  Journal of Mathematical Physics 51 (2010), 093302 (25 pages)

8. Smallest eigenvalue distributions for two classes of Beta-Jacobi ensembles,

  Journal of Mathematical Physics 53 (2012), 103301 (15 pages)

9. Global fluctuations for linear statistics of Beta-Jacobi ensembles,

              with Elliot Paquette

  Random Matrices: Theory and Applications 1(4),  (2012), 1250013

10. Spectra of overlapping Wishart matrices and the Gaussian Free Field,

                   with Elliot Paquette        

  submitted, arxiv:1410.7268 (2014)

Random graphs: spectra,
eigenvectors, related problems

Sparse regular random graphs: spectral density and eigenvectors,

                    with Soumik Pal

  Annals of Probability 40 (5) (2012), 2197--2235

12. Functional limit theorems for random regular graphs,

                    with Toby Johnson, Soumik Pal, and Elliot Paquette

  Probability Theory and Related Fields, 156 (3-4) (2013), 921--975

13. The Marcenko-Pastur law for sparse random bipartite biregular graphs,

                    with Toby Johnson

 Random Structures and Algorithms, published online 12/2014, DOI 10.1002/rsa.20581

14. On expansion of G(n,d) with respect to G(m,d),
                    with Mary Radcliffe

  submitted, arxiv:1506.02614 (2015)

15. Recovery and rigidity in a regular Stochastic Block Model,

             with Gerandy Brito, Christopher Hoffman, Shirshendu Ganguly, and Linh V. Tran

  submitted, arxiv:1507.00930 (2015)

Probabilistic Combinatorics
16. On Generalized Tribonacci Sequences and Additive Partitions
        & Probability
   Discrete Mathematics 219 (May 2000), 65--83.

17. Branching Processes with Negative Offspring Distribution,

           with Joel Spencer and Catherine Yan

  Annals of Combinatorics, 7 (1) (2003), R-43

18. On Playing Golf with Two Balls,

           with Prasad Tetali and Peter Winkler

  SIAM Journal of Discrete Mathematics, 16 (4) (2003), 604--615

19. A HalfLiar's Game,

           with Joel Spencer

  Theoretical Computer Science, Special Issue on Algorithmic Combinatorial

 Game Theory, 313 (3) (2004), 35--47      

20. The Liar Game over an Arbitrary Channel,

           with Joel Spencer

    Combinatorica 25 (2005), 537--559.

21. The Two-batch Liar Game over an Arbitrary Channel,

           with Joel Spencer

  SIAM Journal of Discrete Mathematics, 19 (4) (2006), 1056--1064

Numerical Analysis
22. Toward accurate polynomial evaluation in rounded arithmetic,

  with James Demmel and Olga Holtz

Foundations of Computational Mathematics: Santander 2005 (L. Pardo et al, eds.)

Cambridge University Press, 2006,  36--105.

23. Fast Matrix Multiplication is Stable,

          with James Demmel, Olga Holtz, and Robert Kleinberg

 Numerische Mathematik 106 (2) (2007), 199--224

24. Fast Linear Algebra is Stable,

           with James Demmel and Olga Holtz

 Numerische Mathematik 108 (1), 59--91

25. Accurate and Efficient Expression Evaluation and Linear Algebra,

           with James Demmel, Olga Holtz, and Plamen Koev

 Acta Numerica 17 (2008), 87--145

26. Minimizing Communication for Eigenproblems and the Singular Value Decomposition,

           with Grey Ballard and James Demmel

  Technical Report No. UCB/EECS-2011-14, arXiv:1011.3077.


Numerical Analysis
 27. Toward accurate polynomial evaluation in rounded arithmetic (short version),

with James Demmel, Olga Holtz, and Robert Kleinberg

in   Proceedings of the Dagstuhl Seminar "Algebraic and numerical algorithms and computer-assisted proofs",

(B.Buchberger et al, eds.), 2006